Master Moving was founded in 2005. At the beginning we have been working hard to set our own place on the map of moving services in Kraków and Poland. It was our main concern not only to build a strong company considered as trustful, reliable and quality partner but also an institution strongly devoted to values and people we work with. We believed that in long term profit should never be our main interest. As our company was slowly but consequently growing we have decided to launch European opertations services that have been even greater impulse for further development. That also helped us to understand our client's better and implement standards of our corporate customers into our own policy. Handling diverse shipment is actually constant learning process for our whole company starting from warehouse operatives through different positions held to Management level. These days we make arrangements for approximately 1500 shipments worlwide per year. This is our great pride we are well-recognized partner for main European providers. Joining IAM(International Association of Movers) in 2014 was another step confirming we are ready to undertake any service and promise quality, policies accordance and time management at it's best. We are more than happy to work with everyone who needs our assistance and please rest assured your request will be handled with attention and respect you deserve.


Since 2018 our company is proud of it's 40 skilled, fully qualified packers and 10 office employees.

It was a big moment for our company when we have finally completed raising our modern office & warehouse complex. We are able to store up to 1200 cbm of household goods and personal effects.

Our offer includes local and domestic moving, international relocations for both private and corporate clients. We can arrange small aparments moves, as well as big houses, companies, and offices (along with whole company documentation).

We provide whole range of services. Typical move starts with Pre Move Survey when we check number of items to be packed during the move. On nthe move day we secure your aprtment and start to pack all belongings. Next, we transport it to target location however this is not the end of our work. We disassemble and assemble furniture, hifi equipment and home appliances, and also perform third party services such as hanging lamps or paintings.

If necessary (e.g. during a renovation or due to a necessity to empty premises earlier), we will safely store all your items in our warehouse. We will transport them to you and unpack them when the right time comes.


Do you plan to move within Kraków or to any other place in Poland?

Or maybe you would like to move abroad? Road, sea or air transportation is not a problem for us.

Would you like to move your company to another location? Or maybe you just plan to re-organize workplaces at your office? Please check our offer for office & commercial relocations.

Moves within Kraków and Poland

No matter whether you would like to move several streets away or to another continent we would like to promise always same high level of our services. Our approach is exactly the same - we would like you to feel comfortable, well-advised and by all means satisfied. After receiving request, our consultant will reach you out in order to set up a Pre Move Survey, during which he will check and count number of items to be moved, determine dimensions of some abnormal items that may be part of relocation and assess accessibility of your apartment as this may have significant impact on the whole process. Offer you will receive is based on survey results, conditions at origin and destination and most cost-effective means of transportation. We would like to strongly emphasize that our estimator visit is free of charge and nonbinding. Once our offer meets your acceptation we will confirm move dates and all related details. You will also be advised who will be personally responsible for handling your move. That should give you the comfort of single point of contact who can keep you updated on every stage of the move. You no longer need to be put through from one person to another but can discuss all details with one person from very beginning to a very end. You can trust us. We hold all the necessary permits, licenses and certificates to look after your move. In addition all operations handled by our company are fully insured with basic coverage that may be extended upon request.

Office & commercial relocations

Whether this is a small move or a big relocation every company and it's structure is always suffering stress that has impact on all parties involved. It's not only owner's headache but regular emplyees pain as well. The secret of well-managed operation is to make sure that it does not impact company's daily routine. Inconvenience that is always the matter should be limited to a very minimum in order not to interfere company’s rhythm and work flow. Please make sure to plan every detail of your relocation with our consultant as advance planning is the key to succesful move. As every detail matters - please let us know why certain dates or details are so important for you so we can prepare well and undertake all measures to meet your conditions and deadlines. Time schedule foreseen for the move is extremely important not only for yourself but for us as well as the more time we need the higher cost we will incur. As a result the more time you take at the beginning the less hassle you will suffer in the end. We will make sure our staff is well-informed on scope of services contracted and also-equipped with all necessary tools, trolleys and other devices needed to make your relocation exceptional. In case of office & commercial relocations we offer flexible working hours: apart from Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm jobs, all operations can be carried out after regular working hours, as well as over the weekend.

International moves

You would like to move from London to Rome? Or maybe from Madrid to Berlin? It is no problem for us. Moves within Europe are performed by a team of qualified employees as “door to door” service - goods are handled by the same staff from the beginning till very end. Intercontinetal moves where sea or air shipment is considered are carried out in co-operation with best and proven partners we work with since many years. Most of these companies are associated within global organisations such as IAM(International Association of Movers) that impose strict regulations and best quality standards of services provided. This is of utmost importance to keep realtions only with selected agents that can keep high standard of services at all times. We relocate people worldwide. An integral part of international move is preparation of documents formalities. We know from our experience that completing these is difficult and time-consuming. We are more than happy to assist with such praparation or even handle part of it on your behalf.


In 2018 we have finally moved in to brand new, freshly-build and by all means our own, modern office & warehouse complex.

Controlled temperature and air humidity guarantee that your stored belongings will be kept in perfect condition even after few years of warehousing.

Finding an appropriate place to store your furniture when you plan refurbishment or suddenly face necessity to empty an apartment may become a real problem we would like to help you with. No longer postponed reception date for renovated premises should be the reason for stress you suffer. It could be simply avoided by reaching our Operations that should offer most convenient solutions at reasonable price

Missing empty space in your basement or garage should no longer bother you. Wheteher these are spare car tyres, sports equipment or furniture not fitting your home or office anymore, all these can be easily stored in our safe warehouse, accessible on your demand.

We can offer storage of your possessions in our warehouse for any period of time. No matter these are two weeks only or several years we are well-prepared to handle your goods with the greatest care and attention. Any items entrusted to us for warehousing will be properly secured, packed, and placed in dedicated wooden container. Liftvans are sealed and nobody can access them except for the owner.

The optimal warehousing conditions ensure that possessions stored for even the longer time will be returned to the customer in perfect condition.

Most importantly - all goods kept in our warehouse are fully insured against all risks that gives you indispensable peace of mind


Are you a professional relocation or moving company looking for a reliable service provider in Kraków? Maybe you are interested in full export packing or delivery than can be performed by experienced partner? Please, do not look any further. We know almost everything about relocations.

We are able arrange a professional visit(PMS) at client's residence to check volume of client's belongings. After coming back to you within 24 hours with PMS results we can prepare offer and confirm service conditions. Once you would like to secure the job with us we could revert to the client on your behalf to confirm dates and service inclusions and fix the job in our planning.

We also offer expat services, such as settling in, stay registration assistance and similar

Do you by any chance need help in Western Europe?

Let us know, we can organise Door to Door move anywhere in Europe as our teams carry out services in EU, UK & Switzerland on daily basis.


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Master Moving Gotkowice 85 E ( Cracow area ) 32-048 Jerzmanowice, Poland +48 12 350 23 19 +48 12 350 24 58 0048 507 055 390


Master Moving Gotkowice 85 E ( Cracow area ) 32-048 Jerzmanowice, Poland +48 12 350 23 19 +48 12 350 24 58 0048 507 055 390