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The Master Moving Company was founded in 2005. At the beginning of our activity we focused on the local market of moving services in Kraków and later in the whole Poland. Over time we began to serve customers in Western Europe and for several years we co-operate with customers from the whole world.

In 2014 we joined the IAM (International Association of Movers), an American organisation associating the best Moving Companies worldwide.


Since 2018, our Company consists of 40 qualified packagers and 10 office employees.

A big event for our Company was the construction of a modern office-warehouse complex in the vicinity of Kraków, in which the customer’s possessions is stored in the best conditions.

Our offer covers local moving, domestic moving, and international moving for both private persons and economic entities. We will move small studios, as well as big houses, companies, and offices (along with whole company documentation) with pleasure.

Services provided by us have a complex nature. We start from arriving to you and preparing a list of items to be packed during the move. Next, we secure your whole possessions and transport it to target location. But this is not the end of our work. We disassemble and assemble furniture, audio-video equipment and home appliances, and perform a series of seemingly trifling activities, such as hanging lamps or paintings.

If necessary (e.g. during a renovation or due to a necessity to empty locale earlier), we will safely store all your items in our warehouse. We will transport them to you and unpack them when the right time comes.


Do you plan to move from your home or apartment in Kraków or on the territory of Poland?

Or maybe you move abroad? Land, sea, and air transport is no problem for us.

Your Company changes locale? Or maybe you plan to reorganise work places? Check our moves offer for Companies.

Moves on the territory of Kraków and Poland

Regardless of whether you want to move several streets away or to another continent, the level of services provided by us is always on the same high level. The procedure of ordering a move is identical in each case. After receiving an order, our employee contacts you and arranges a meeting, during which he will prepare a list of items to be packed, as well as determine their dimensions, amount, etc. We create a price offer on this basis. It should be highlighted that our employee’s visit is free and nonbinding. If you will accept our offer, we will set the date of move and all details related to it. Trust us. We possess all the required permissions, insurances, and insurance certificates!

Moves of offices

Move can turn out to be a great stress even for the smallest Company. In order to make office relocation interference with Company’s work rhythm as low as possible and to avoid collisions with employees’ duties, it is necessary to plan the whole undertaking in advance and in detail based on consultations with a representative of the moved Company. We prepare to each order in an exceptionally reliable way! In case of relocation of economic entities we offer our customers flexible work hours: relocation can be carried out after work hours, as well as over a weekend or during holidays.

International moves

You move from London to Rome? Or from Madrid to Berlin? It is no problem for us. Moves within European countries are performed by a team of qualified employees in the “door to door” system from start to end. In case of an intercontinental relocation to more remote countries when it will be necessary to use sea or air transport, we carry out moves in co-operation with our foreign partners. Such solution allows us to significantly reduce costs of the whole undertaking. We offer moves worldwide. An integral part of international moves are office formalities. We know from our experience that completing them is tedious and time-consuming and therefore we will handle them in your name.


In 2018 we commissioned our own, modern office-warehouse complex.

The registered temperature and air humidity will guarantee that your stored possessions will be in perfect condition even after few years of warehousing.

Finding an appropriate place to store furniture when you plan a renovation of locale or face a necessity to empty an apartment and the date of accepting new locale is delayed may turn out to be quite a problem.

Lack of place in basement or garage can also be a bother: car tyres, sport equipment, and furnishing elements of home, apartment, and even office – all those items must be placed in a safe place.

We offer the ability to store possessions in our warehouse for any period of time. Any items entrusted to us for the duration of warehousing will be properly secured, packaged, and then placed in specifically designed booths. Booths are closed and unauthorised people can’t access them.

The optimal warehousing conditions provided by us ensure that possessions stored for even the longest duration will return to the customer in intact condition.

Check our offer, it is cheaper than you think!

Agent zone

Do you work in Moving Company and need to find an agent, who will organise a professional service of packaging and loading or delivery to your customer in Kraków? Look no further, you can count on us because we know everything about relocations.

We can organise and carry out a professional meeting with your customer before the move, package or deliver possessions, organise a whole “door to door” move, and help in import/export briefings.

We also offer relocation services.

Do you need help on the territory of Western Europe?

Let us know, we can organise a move there because our teams carry out services on the territory of whole European Union and Switzerland.


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Master Moving Gotkowice 85 E ( Cracow area ) 32-048 Jerzmanowice, Poland +48 12 350 23 19 +48 12 350 24 58 0048 507 055 390 0048 502 782 628


Master Moving Gotkowice 85 E ( Cracow area ) 32-048 Jerzmanowice, Poland +48 12 350 23 19 +48 12 350 24 58 0048 507 055 390 0048 502 782 628